Ed Parry

I'm Ed Parry.

I'm Ed Parry. I'm a 21 year-old computer science student and a resident of Aberystwyth.

Outside of lectures, I love all things related to technology, writing, current affairs and a good espresso.


Twelve months ago, I decided to take the year out before finishing my degree to gain some real experience within the industry; learning how to sit still for 8 hours, and perfecting my ability to remember 12 individual coffee orders. No, really, I managed to secure a position as an IT Consultant, and I was lucky enough to be working with real clients on real projects, and I absolutely loved it.

And then the best thing happened. They invited me back after my graduation, to do it all over again. I'll be starting back in June, and I can't wait!


75% Complete
80% Complete
Umbraco CMS
68% Complete
Objective-C (iOS)
60% Complete
SQL (MS Server 2008, SQLite, MySQL)
55% Complete