Ed Parry

I'm Ed Parry.

An IT Consultant living and working in the capital of Wales.

Originally from Staffordshire, I studied computer science in the beautiful mid-Wales town of Aberystwyth before moving slightly south to put what I discovered into practice.

Away from the desk I love all things related to technology, current affairs, and sport. All made even better with good coffee brewed with a V60, AeroPress or good old espresso machine.

This website should tell you everything you need to know, with regular articles and stories appearing on my blog. If you should feel the need to learn more, please say hello!

The Week

Being an IT consultant means getting to experience a wide range of tools and technologies. Starting with C# always gives a solid starting point, with a CMS like Umbraco for the web, and tools such as Xamarin for mobile. Experimenting with new tools (to me, at least) such as Less and TypeScript are also thrown into the mix to make sure I keep on top of what's out there.

The Weekend

Anything that lets me add to my TripAdvisor profile is always a good weekend, especially if that means visiting a new city. Though I'd be lying if I said I always preferred that over a quiet weekend trying to improve my latte art before a Sunday morning trip to the farmers' market. If I can reduce my IMDB watchlist as well, that's just a bonus!