Ed Parry

I'm Ed Parry.

An IT Consultant living and working in the capital of my adoptive home nation, Wales.

Originally from Staffordshire, I studied computer science in the beautiful mid-Wales town of Aberystwyth before moving slightly south to begin the rest of my life.

Away from the desk I love all things related to technology, current affairs, and sport. All made even better with a good espresso topped up with steamed milk.


Being an IT Consultant means getting to experience a wide range of tools and technologies. Starting with C# always gives a solid starting point, with a CMS like Umbraco for the web, and tools such as Xamarin for mobile.


Anything that lets me add to my TripAdvisor profile is always a good weekend, especially if that means visiting a new city. Though I'd be lying if I said I completely preferred that over a quiet weekend trying to perfect my latte art before a Sunday morning trip to the farmers' market.


75% Complete
80% Complete
Umbraco CMS
68% Complete
Objective-C (iOS)
55% Complete
SQL (MS Server 2008, SQLite, MySQL)
65% Complete